Meet the Photographer

Aniko is a thirty year old Hungarian woman who moved to the United States in 2011. Her adventurous soul could not turn down the opportunity to explore the beautiful Californian scenery.

 Her dream is to capture the special moments in life and to bring out the real beauty in people.

She is looking forward to meeting new people as well as creating and sharing new experiences and moments through her lens. 

Recently, she graduated at California State University of Sacramento. She received her Bachelors Art Degree in Photography.

She has been a photographer for over 6 years now. Finishing her education was a big mile stone for her. Her recent goal is to grow her Fine Art self, as well as, connecting with her community through her creative self. She opened her Boudoir Photography Studio in Sonora, CA. She is diving into the Boudoir Photography World.

She enjoys hikes, talks, meeting new people, sharing life stories, and salsa music. Her favorite dish is pineapple chicken and she loves to make crepes for her loved ones. Winter is not a season without Mulled Wine. She qualifies under the “weirdo” section by putting ketchup on her pizza slice. She loves capturing genuine moments and getting to know her clients.

She is there for you if you have any questions.