Q. What is included in my Retainer Fee?

My session fee includes studio time 2-2.5 hours photoshoot time, 3 outfits, prep and wardrobe guides, posing, and editing, as well as a scheduled Reveal and Ordering Session for you to view and purchase your images.
All artwork and digitals are sold separately.

Q. What if this is something I’d love to do, but I’m not sure I want to share my images on social media...May keep it a secret

Your images will never be shared without your permission. In the event that you are happy with your session and proud of your images and do permit me to use them on my social media and/or marketing materials, you do not need to be tagged in them unless I have permission to do so. I respect your wishes and won't post or share any images if you’d prefer they stay private.

Q. Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, payment plans are available. I will send information regarding Pre-Session and Post-Session Payment Plans. Products must be paid in full before any orders are made.
Please plan for final payments and 3-5 weeks for product production and product delivery.

Q. Do you do outdoor boudoir sessions?

Yes, I do offer outdoor sessions. If you have a private land we can work with that but I also have a spot available upon request.
Let's Chat! Let's customize your photoshoot! Let me help you to bring your vision to life.

Q. How far in advance should I book my session?

If you have a set date where you need to have your artwork in hand as a gift, I would book your session at least 1.5 months ahead of time. (After a session takes place, an image reveal session will be scheduled then depending on ordered artwork, it may take 2-4 weeks after ordering for artwork to arrive). If you are interested in booking a date,
Please contact me as soon as possible for availability.
Currently I am only booking Boudoir Sessions during the weekends and some select weekdays.

Q. I’m not a model – are boudoir photos still flattering even if my body isn’t perfect?

Absolutely! Nobody is perfect and every woman is sexy. If you have any specific concerns, contact us and we can talk about it!

Q. What should I bring to my boudoir session?

For our sessions, I suggest two to three different outfits and any props you may want to incorporate. Need help choosing props? I am here to help.
I always say, "bring more". I will help you to pick your top 3 outfits.

Q. Do you provide the wardrobe?

I do not provide your wardrobe. This is something you’ll have to pick out and bring along yourself. If you need help choosing an outfit, I can definitely give you some suggestions, though. I send you a guidebook after booking your session with me.

Have Any Other Questions you Might Want to Ask?