Inner Goddess Retreat

Ignite your inner Goddess through self love, compassion, and self acceptance. Allow your beauty to shine from the inside out in all ways.
Take this weekend for you, because you deserve it, and allow yourself to see the beauty we know that's inside of you.
We’ll explore what holds you back from letting your true goddess shine, and help you see your true beauty within.

Take this weekend for you, because you deserve it.

Allow yourself to see the beauty we know that's already inside of you.

We’ll explore what holds you back from letting your true goddess shine, and help you see your true beauty within.

What to expect in this all inclusive retreat

Daily Workshops/journaling

  • Through the power of sharing, we’ll help you release the social stigma
  • Through the power of sharing and being vulnerable we will open up discussions on how to conquer daily. Through the workshop our goal is to give you beneficial tools that you can take with you.
  • Guided workshop around limited beliefs, break through and connect to your truth

Yoga and mediation

  • You'll be guided through yoga, meditation, and pranayama practices that will help harness your inner strength, ground your negative thoughts, and give you the bravery to shine your beautiful light. 

Movement Medicine

  • Somatic dance and sensual movement, you’ll release, shake, let go of negative energy and embody your true inner Goddess.

Personalized boudoir photo shoot.

  • This Will be your time to shine. Allow yourself to be seen through the empowering lens of boudoir. Celebrate and honor your body in the attire of your choice--all will be supported and encouraged in this mini photo shoot. 

·      You will learn to take the best loving care of yourself and will probably go home inspired, nurtured and loved.

Skill level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

What's included

·      3 nights accommodation at a beach home with exclusive privacy

·      yoga sessions with deep meditation

·      breakfast, dinner

·      free time for walking, journaling, meditation, and self-reflection

·      Workshops

·      Mini Photoshoot - 8 highly edited digital files

·      Towels

·      Unlimited coffee, tea, water

·      WiFi

 What's not included

·      Airfare

·      Transfers

·      Toiletries

Host & Instructor

Her teaching background is in Prana Vinyasa Flow, which is an energetic, creative, full-spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga.
She is inspired by dance and the way the body moves between postures and transitions.
In her classes, you can expect innovative variations on traditional postures and flows that will open, strengthen, and balance the mind and body.

"Be fierce
Be powerful
Be gentle
Be adaptable

Flow in all ways"
- April

Host & Photographer

Her goal is to empower you through the art of boudoir photography.
Age, shape, size doesn't matter- You are more than enough.
It is her wish and dream that every person She photograph finds a new sense of confidence.
She wants you to fall in love with yourself.
She wants women to feel proud of the body they have and what it has gone through regardless of what the world tells you.

You are STRONG. You are BADASS. You are UNIQUE.
You are SEXY. You are BEAUTIFUL.

Retreat location - Wells, Maine

Newly (2017 finish) renovated custom built home. Walk to Drakes Island beach and Laudholm Farm. This house is comfortable for a range of people and needs.

In the 6000 square foot house you'll find many great features like 30 foot ceilings in the great room w/ plenty of space for each person. The house features spacious bedrooms along with split duct air conditioning and heating units. The deck overlooking Laudholm Farms comes with new patio furniture for relaxing.

(8 beds 4 baths)


Throughout the weekend, all of your delicious meals will be prepared fresh on-site by us and we will bring our talented chef on board - and always - infused with love. Mealtimes will be a wonderful opportunity for you to nourish your body while connecting with others.

Cancellation Policy

Read carefully! Tickets are non-refundable. Tickets can be transferable. It is your responsibility to show up.

Need a payment plan?

We want to help you! Reach out with any questions.

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